If this is the first tab that you clicked on, Joshua House LLC understands. With today’s rising cost of long-term care, it’s no wonder everyone’s first question is, “Can I afford this?” The answer is – it might be more affordable than you think. There are creative ways to make your finances work for you. And if you are short on income or savings, there are options that can bridge the gap. Please do not be discouraged.

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Instead, take action – the sooner the better! Sometimes folks will need to engage a Care Coordinator to help them through the process of receiving State help. That help is in the form of a “waiver” called Choice Waiver. It may take a month or longer to qualify for it. Monthly costs vary, please call Amy Hendrickson at 907-388-3004 for more information. Joshua House is competitive in their pricing, offering the best care, services and amenities around the State of Alaska.